Fern Lodge Staff

Our Staff

The staff of Braintree Healthcare Limited work hard as a team and are committed to our philosophy of enabling the individuals within our care to live as independently as possible. We take the basic skills of an individual and work hard with them so they have a chance to learn and develop what they already know, enabling them to live in their own home and become part of society in their own right.

We cherish every opportunity to be able to work with people that may need our support for either a long or short period of time. The people that live at Braintree Healthcare facilities are always given choice and those choices are always respected, whilst ensuring we provide a safe and homely environment. The rights of the individual are always respected and all staff ensure we work to a high standard, giving empathy and ensuring confidentiality is always maintained.

The day-to-day running of the home completely depends on the wishes of the individuals. They take charge of all household tasks with support, but every day is different depending on their choices, whether it be making a shopping list and going out to get the things they need or going out for dinner. Learning how to budget is vital for the individuals within our care and we take pride in ensuring they receive help to understand what money is and how to make it last. This ultimately ensures independence within the choices they make and reduces any risk of financial abuse from any members of the public.

‘In my opinion Braintree Healthcare Limited is a friendly, open-minded, warm and safe environment. As a staff member I get satisfaction knowing that I have done everything in my ability to help another individual live as independently as possible, whilst ensuring any health care needs are met with dignity.'

Emma - A care support worker at Braintree Healthcare Limited