Statement of Purpose


Braintree Healthcare Limited offers a wide range of personal and practical care services to assist and support those living in the residential care setting to maintain their own lifestyles with independence, safety, and respect.

We offer 24-hour support, 365 days a year to people with learning disabilities who may also have a physical disability, and those who may present with dementia/sensory type symptoms.

Our registered manager is available during office hours and is on-call in the case of an emergency. A responsible person will be available to pass on a message outside of normal hours to an appropriate duty manager.

This Statement of Purpose for Fern Lodge sets out:

  • our aims
  • the service we provide
  • skills of our staff
  • our quality assurance systems
  • compliment and complaints process.

Our aim

We aim to:

  • offer a person-centred, flexible, high-quality personal and practical care service
  • support individuals living at Fern Lodge
  • support service users to improve the quality of their lives
  • reduce anxieties they may feel as a result of their disability, illness or age
  • support those suffering with dementia-type symptoms with sympathy, calmness and reassurance
  • ensure that environments are safe and sympathetic to the needs of the service users.

Philosophy of care

Braintree Healthcare Limited recruits staff who are committed to follow the philosophy of care and wellbeing of all the service users living at Fern Lodge. They will:

  • respect the individuality of all service users and protect their independence, dignity, and safety
  • ensure that all service users have access to and receive the highest quality of support and care
  • respect personal choices, (unless detrimental to their safety or that of others), privacy, lifestyle, customs and values of each individual in a person-centred approach
  • involve service users, carers and their families in managing and developing the service we provide.

Delivery of personal care services we can provide

Our registered manager, deputy manager and/or senior staff will meet service users and their carers before we commence any service to them.

This meeting will involve discussions and agreement on:

  • the range of care services to be provided
  • the anticipated level of support
  • when this service is required.

If emergency services are required a senior member of the team will meet with you.

Braintree Healthcare Limited recruits to the highest standard and supports all staff through supervision and training in line with government legislation which enables us to deliver a high-quality standard of service. Staff undertake mandatory training and, where appropriate, training in dementia care, epileptic care and any other speciality care that may be required to meet all needs.

Our staff will ensure that:

  • each service user is valued and has the right to control their own affairs
  • each service user has control over how they live their life, to make their own decisions, and express their wishes and preferences
  • all service users have equal rights and are entitled to protection against any form of discrimination or abuse.

Management will ensure that all care plans are completed with the care managers, service users, family and friends where appropriate and may include the following:

Support with:

  • dressing and undressing
  • mobility
  • feeding
  • going to the toilet and continence care
  • administration of prescribed medication
  • bathing
  • any other aspects of daily living that are required.

Specialist tasks

Service users may need specialist support which may require assistance from suitably trained staff. This could be nurses, occupational therapists etc. Staff will only be able to undertake this support when appropriate risk assessments and suitable training have been completed. They will then be required to sign a form to indicate their competency in this task.

These tasks may include:

  • support with artificial feeding
  • changing sterile dressings
  • catheter care - changing bags and monitoring
  • tracheotomy care
  • helping with eye or ear drops
  • ileostomy and colostomy care
  • administration of rectal medication.

Staff will not carry out tasks that may require the skills and expertise of clinical professionals. These tasks include:

  • cutting toenails and fingernails (if there are medical risks)
  • ear syringing
  • removing or replacing urinary catheters
  • bowel evacuation (other than suppositories)
  • bladder washouts
  • injections
  • filling oxygen cylinders
  • lifting (full training in manual handling of all staff)
  • tracheotomy care - changing tubes.

We do not provide nursing care.

Quality assurance

Braintree Healthcare Limited carries out an annual Quality Assurance Audit. However, regular contact with service users and families, and resident and staff meetings ensure that needs are met and improvements are made. We will require you to complete a questionnaire to enable us to improve and monitor our service. The information gathered will enable us and The Quality Care Commission to assess the service we deliver against the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

The registered provider is Provide CIC whom have a number of years’ experience in the care industry.

Staff are trained in NVQ 4 in Management, Registered Managers Award, Dementia Care, NVQ 2 and 3, along with various workshops relating to learning disability groups.

Our staff

Our support staff have a full range of experience which include working in residential care and home care settings with service users, from care of the elderly, those with learning disabilities and physical disabilities. Included in the wealth of experience, staff have reflected their experiences and obtained NVQ 2/3 and some are working towards this qualification through in-house training. Various courses are always on offer and staff are encouraged to participate. All staff receive regular supervisions by their line manager and annual staff appraisals to assess overall standards and ensure training needs are completed.

Compliments and Complaints procedure

Braintree Healthcare Limited has its own detailed Policy Statement and Procedure for receiving compliments and managing and investigating complaints from service users, carers, and others. This procedure includes the right for service users to discuss their complaint with the Care Quality Commission and Inspection Team.

We give all our service users and staff a copy of this information. It is also displayed in the office in the Policy and Procedure files and attached to this document.

Our registered manager monitors the progress of all complaints. We use this information to improve our service. We also welcome any suggestions you may have that may help us to provide a better service.


Residential care for eight service users

Statement of Purpose
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Braintree Healthcare Limited
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